Some notes concerning the group feature

The JINI lookup service always registers a remote service (i.e. as space) with an associated group. This group is called "JINI LOOKUP GROUP" (see also Lookup Service or LUS).

GigaSpaces has a built-in default group of "gigsapces-[BUILD_NUMBER]" (e.g gigaspaces-1384) which is part of the bin\SetEnv.bat.

This means that if you create a space and you did not change anything, this space will be registered in the JIN Lookup Service with gigaspaces-1384 group (if you are using build 1384).

When you want to connect to this space (SpaceFinde.find([URL]), you must define the same group as you did on the server side.

You can do that in one of 2 ways:

  1. add the "groups" parameter to your space URL (e.g. ???.&groups= gigaspaces-1384)
  2. add a system property to your client command line -

See for example:

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