GigaSpaces Enterprise Edition Integration & Interoperability

{color:orange}API Independence for Easy Integration with Legacy Applications{color}

GigaSpaces brings the benefits of Grid to business applications through the use of standard APIs common in transaction processing today, such as JavaSpaces, JMS and JDBC.

*Seamless access to shared information from any application * With built-in connectors for J2EE, .Net, C++ and pure Java that allow synchronization without data conversion, GigaSpaces facilitates seamless access to shared information - for almost any application.

Multiple environments can be connected to GigaSpaces simultaneously, and GigaSpaces also supports real-time database integration with persistent space, allowing space content to be saved to a database.

Extended object-to-relational mapping ensures that complex objects are properly represented in database tables, while filters allow integration with external systems, including security and data synchronization.

*Heterogeneous by nature * GigaSpaces Enterprise Edition???s underlying Space-Based Architecture exposes itself in all common languages and platforms, leveraging Java portability as the underlying interoperability layer. Unlike most RPC-based approaches (RMI, SOAP), with SBA, services communicate by sharing state. This enables services written in Java to interact with other services (e.g. C++, .Net) very efficiently and with minimal investment in the service implementation layer.

With this approach, services written in pure Java will not need to compromise on the least common denominator for communication, because they may be interacting with a non-Java service at some point in time. Another important fact that makes this approach highly efficient compared to the alternatives is that Java, C++ or .Net services can run within the same process.

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