GigaSpaces Enterprise Edition Management & Provisioning

The GigaSpaces Service Grid component provides the operational fabric ( a.k.a Virtual Container) to dynamically distribute applications throughout the network, providing fault tolerance, dynamic scalability and interoperability with existing systems. It manages the space middleware components together with the associated business logic in a single coherent and very simple environment. In addition, the Service Grid provides infrastructure for a parallel processing compute grid based on the Master/Worker model.


The service grid dynamically discovers itself, constituting a resilient, self-healing core. Dynamic lightweight agents virtualize the compute resources, allowing application components to run on any machine that supports declared application requirements.

Platform capabilities are used to define operational characteristics of the compute resource and are used as policy mechanisms to determine whether application components (and tasks) can be allocated to compute resources.

Grid services are dynamically provisioned through the network to compute resources that meet operational requirements of the particular services. The grid services may contain the domain logic to process grid requests, or provide a component to assimilate existing technology.

Using the policy mechanisms available in the service grid, grid services/tasks can have SLAs attached to them, ensuring that operational criteria are met. The dynamic grid workers??? operational behavior can be monitored and dynamically scale its environment up and down based on declarative attributes. In this way, Service Grid Provision Management can dynamically size and provision the required services based on real-time operational demands.

Key to keeping the dynamic service grid operating is to continually ensure that grid services (and the tasks they are processing) are still running. Utilizing Fault Detection Policies, the Service Grid provides the essential capability to detect the existence of running and available services. If services become unavailable, or fail to meet processing requirements, service recovery and/or re-allocation is handled by Service Grid Provision Management.

{color:orange}What is Dynamic (On Demand) Clustering? {color}

Dynamic Clustering provides the capability to provision GigaSpaces Cache instances using the GigaSpaces Service Grid. The GigaSpaces Cache instances discover each other and create an On-Demand Cluster.

Using the resilient fault-tolerant capabilities of the GigaSpaces Service Grid, GigaSpaces Cache instances are dynamically provisioned, and are managed to ensure availability.

If compute resource failure or network outage makes the GigaSpaces Cache instance unreachable, the GigaSpaces Service Grid will recover the cache instance automatically.

Additionally, the GigaSpaces Cache instances are monitored to ensure they are meeting declared operational criteria. If Cache instance(s) are determined not to be meeting specified criteria, additional Cache instances will be dynamically allocated and will join the cluster as needed, delivering an On-Demand Dynamic Cluster.

{color:orange}Features and Benefits {color} The GigaSpaces Service Grid with the dynamic On Demand Clustered Cache provides the following features and benefits, among others:

  • Pro-Active cluster - Taking action in load or failure scenarios.

  • Simplicity - Automating deployment and manageability in a large distribution environment.

  • Significantly improved application availability and uptime.

  • Increased availability and response of the cache, allowing low-latency, high-throughput transactional systems.

  • A generic approach that enables scaling of the business logic together with the middleware.

  • Total System Scalability - Scaling the cache and middleware application on both the data tier and business tier with relative ease.

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