GigaSpaces Enterprise Edition 5.0

For those looking to build or maintain applications that demand high throughput and low latency, GigaSpaces Enterprise Edition enables new levels of performance and scalability with innovative functionality and graceful simplicity.


The GigaSpaces Enterprise Edition architecture consists of the following main building blocks:

The Service Grid - The GigaSpaces Service Grid provides the operational fabric to dynamically distribute applications through the network, providing fault tolerance, dynamic scalability and interoperability with existing systems.

The Distributed Shared Memory - Provided through the core clustered JavaSpaces implementation, this layer provides common clustering services such as replication, fail-over, load-balancing and high availability for stateful services.

The Distributed Caching Layer ??? This layer is focused on addressing distributed state sharing related issues through a set of API's namely JDBC for SQL/IMDB, HashTable through the Map/JCache interface and the Space. It supports common caching topologies such as the replication and partitioning of data.

Messaging Bus Layer - Provides middleware capability for addressing a variety of messaging scenarios through the Space and the JMS API, enabling services to communicate and share information across the in-memory data-bus.

Parallel Processing Layer - This layer is basically provided through the master/worker pattern and framework that is included with the service grid for executing low latency, high throughput transactional applications.

Integration and Interoperability - GigaSpaces supports a variety of languages and APIs that make it accessible from most common architecture environments such as .Net, CPP, J2EE etc.

Enterprise Service Bus - GigaSpaces has been integrated with grid vendors such as DataSynapse, Platform Computing, Sun N1 Grid Engine, and Intel???s NetBatch. These integrations include lifecycle management of GigaSpaces nodes according to application demands and seamless usage of the GigaSpaces cache by the grid applications. In addition, GigaSpaces supports many of the open integration products available

[url=]Click here[/url] to download GigaSpaces Enterprise Edition 5.0 and experience the performance and scalability that GigaSpaces can bring your business-critical applications and services.

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