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Q: I'm running GigaSpaces with Tomcat/Weblogic/other application server and it complains about SAX parser. Is there any workaround? A: GigaSpaces uses the latest standard libraries from Apache Xerces and Xalan as part of the product. In order to use the default XSL/XML parsers use the following system property in the java command: {color:darklue}-Dcom.gs.use-default-xml-parser=true{color}

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*Q: How do I instruct GigaSpaces server to use the specific JDK installation?
Q: Does GigaSpaces requires any environment variables to be set?*
A: It is recommended to set environment variable *JAVAHOME *prior to starting GigaSpaces server; if the value is not set, GigaSpaces uses the default *JAVAHOME *value, which is defined in {color:darklue}GS_ROOT/bin/setenv.bat(sh){color}.

answered 2006-01-09 12:58:00 -0600

eugene berman gravatar image
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Q: My GigaSpaces server runs behind the firewall. How do I configure it to use only predefined ports? A: 1. In space config xml (or space schema), locate the following:

<protocol-name>RMI</protocol-name> <server-port>0</server-port> <client-port>0</client-port> *{color}

Replace "0" with the desired port numbers ??? e.g. 1234 and 1235. Make sure the protocol is RMI and not NIO.

  1. Edit the container config xml, find the following:

{color:darklue}* <jndi> <enabled>true</enabled> <url>localhost:1098</url> </jndi> *{color}

Port 1098 can be replaces with any free port number.

The find the following XML:

{color:darklue}* <connection>
<tcp-port>0</tcp-port> </connection> *{color}

Replace the 0 with any free port number.

  1. If you use static or semi-dynamic cluster, edit the cluster config xml and make sure that port numbers in cluster member URLs match the port numbers in the container config xml.
eugene berman gravatar image eugene berman  ( 2006-01-09 13:05:05 -0600 )edit

Q: How do I enable Jini Transaction Manager service? A: Edit the {color:darklue}GS_ROOT/config/services/start-gigaspaces.config{color} file and make sure you have the following lines uncommented:

{color:darklue} / Jini Transaction Manager / new NonActivatableServiceDescriptor(mahaloCodebase, policy, mahaloClasspath, "com.sun.jini.mahalo.TransientMahaloImpl", mahaloConfig),{color}

eugene berman gravatar image eugene berman  ( 2006-01-09 13:06:04 -0600 )edit

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