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Custom Processing Unit Details and Monitors are not displayed in the web based dashboard

As the documentation says: http://wiki.gigaspaces.com/wiki/displ...

I have an implementation of ServiceMonitorsProvider that creates an array of ServiceMonitors on getServiceMonitors method. The ServiceMonitors is an implementation that extends CustomServiceMonitors. I also have an implementation of ServiceDetails that extends CustomServiceDetails.

I have added a monitor called: "MyStatus" with a value but when I go to the web page and add the custom column, I see the header but no value is shown.

My pu.xml declares the bean (actually the ServiceMonitorProvider), but it doesn't work. I checked in the logs and the status of the monitor is correct.

asked 2014-01-03 08:25:29 -0500

gfernandes gravatar image
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I've seen similar behaviour. I was able to read those beans via Admin API but web ui sometimes didn't even recognized custom monitors and sometimes showed no values.

aliher1911 gravatar imagealiher1911 ( 2014-01-03 11:35:13 -0500 )edit


I have tested this via Admin API and it worked. So, it is some sort of issue within the webui interface of GS.

Thank you

gfernandes gravatar imagegfernandes ( 2014-01-06 09:12:03 -0500 )edit

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Please report this to support. Please provide your test case.

Thanks Shay

answered 2014-01-03 08:59:29 -0500

shay hassidim gravatar image
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Ok, I'll do it.

gfernandes gravatar imagegfernandes ( 2014-01-07 13:24:59 -0500 )edit

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