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System Requirement

Hi , i'm planning to set up a Development server on Linux Environment . Could you please provide me the system requirements ( Hardware requirements) to install the GS on linux machine. These details are not available anywhere. Saw the production related data ( http://docs.gigaspaces.com/sbp/moving... )

Thanks, Sampath

asked 2014-02-07 09:57:20 -0500

tcskumar@gmail.com gravatar image
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1 Answer

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See: http://docs.gigaspaces.com/release_no...

Minimum requirements for a dev machine would be 2GB RAM with 2 cores. Obviously more RAM and CPU is always helpful.


answered 2014-02-07 11:51:09 -0500

shay hassidim gravatar image
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Thank you Shay

tcskumar@gmail.com gravatar image tcskumar@gmail.com  ( 2014-02-07 12:24:47 -0500 )edit

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