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I have a created a Gigaspace cluster with 2 members: hostA:AppSpace and hostB:AppSpace. I have set replication policy to 'partial-replication'. The cluster is successfully created and browser shows that replication link is active.

I am using hostB as the LUS: com.j_spaces.core.container.directory_services.jini_lus.unicast_discovery.enabled=true com.j_spaces.core.container.directory_services.jini_lus.unicast_discovery.lus_host=

The class which I want to be replicated is a POJO which I have annotated as @SpaceClass(replicate=true). Whenever an entry of this type is written in hostB:AppSpace space, it fails to replicate to hostA:AppSpace. The error message in the gigaspaces logs is as below:

WARNING com.gigaspaces.core.cluster.replication - Replicator: replication failed due to Exception on target. source space: hostB:AppSpace target space: hostA:AppSpace ; target space url: jini://*/hostA/AppSpace?locators=,;groups=gigaspaces-7.1.1-XAPPremium-ga&ignoreValidation=true&versioned=true&groups=gigaspaces-7.1.1-XAPPremium-ga&state=started&timeout=5000 Replication will be disabled until the problem is resolved.; Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.avaya.aie.presence.types.CachePresentity

Attached are the and cluster configuration files.I would like to know what I am missing here.

Thanks, Vinuta h4. Attachments



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