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Notification Event take listener

Hi ,

I am facing difficulties in executing the Notification event for take operation. My requirement is when the  space performs take operation on the given entity(Data), I need to call my listener. Below is the configuration.

@Notify(gigaSpace ="gigaspace")  @EventDriven  @NotifyType(take = true)
public class DataTakeListener {

   public SQLQuery<Data> template() {
      return new SQLQuery<Data>(Data.class,"id is not null");
   public void eventListener(Data data) {
     //Perform operation

But I didn't get any notification called  eventListener() method. 
Please let me know what I am missing in my configuration.

asked 2014-11-04 09:42:53 -0600

chandra gravatar image
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Did you start the listener?

Yuval gravatar image Yuval  ( 2014-11-06 04:00:31 -0600 )edit

2 Answers

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Please make sure your PU defines <os-events:annotation-support/>

answered 2014-11-09 03:27:06 -0600

Ester gravatar image
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Hi Yuval and Ester, Thanks for the response, I was pointing wrong gigaspace name. And then I adjusted to remote gigaspace name that working fine for me.

answered 2014-11-14 01:23:22 -0600

chandra gravatar image
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