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One primary PU per machine (2 GSC)

I have a cluster of GS nodes and 2 GSC on each "data" nodes. My PU makes a high load for machines, thus I'm looking for a way to deploy only one the primary instance per machine. Each machine has 2 GSC. To avoid situation when primary instances are deployed on both GSC I tried to use "primary-backup-zone-controller". But in that case I have situations when 2 primary instances are deployed into 1 GSC with zone "primary". To avoid this I set SLA on deployment step:

gs.sh deploy -sla <sla>

The issue is the next: looks like when primary-backup-zone-controller moves instances to the correct zone it doesn't care about max-instances-per-vm="1" in SLA. And I can't have SLA into my artifacts because I have different target clusters (different sizes). How to deploy deploy only 1 primary instance per machine when they have 2 GSCs? Thanks.

asked 2014-11-05 09:31:50 -0600

Anton Balashov gravatar image
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2 Answers

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You can start 2 GSC with 2 different Zones on each machine - GSC of primary Zone and GSC of Backup Zone And set the property com.gigaspaces.grid.gsc.serviceLimit=1 so only one instance can be started on each GSC Let us know if that works for you

answered 2014-11-06 02:09:15 -0600

inbarc gravatar image
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This works:

./gs.sh pudeploy -max-instances-per-machine 1 -max-instances-per-vm 1 -cluster schema=partitioned-sync2backup total_members=2,1 pu-to-deploy


answered 2014-11-15 19:01:28 -0600

guedim gravatar image
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