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Take from local partition only

I am sure that this is probably a very simple operation, but I have not found an answer just yet in the docs.

I have a stateful PU (business logic + embedded space) which I am deploying as a partition-synch-to-backup, with 2 instances each with a single backup. Space objects are written to the embedded spaces by another PU with a routing ID. I can see that the routing is splitting the objects evenly.

Now in the business logic of the stateful PU I do a take multiple periodically based on configured timings. In this take multiple I would like each PU to only take those objects which are stored in the local partition. I have not been able to do that. I have tried using the MEMORY_ONLY_SEARCH TakeModifier but this appears to make no difference.

I also looked at all the other operations available on the GigaSpace interface but there were no promising leads. Do I need a modified space proxy of some king?