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Any known bug related to @SpaceClass(fifo=true) and FIFO, where objects cannot be read back after some time?


We are facing a issue with xap 12.2,12.1,12.0 with ALL_IN_CACHE_MODE(1) as well as LRU Mode(0), When we update an object @SpaceClass(fifo=true) from the Processing Unit and read it back from the Processing Unit with the ReadModifier.FIFO and using readMultiple, after a certain time it cannot be read back until we fail-over to the backup.

These objects are also not readable from remote spaces.

The certain time period defined earlier seems to be dependent on the frequency with which this object is updated. And the memory allocated to the pu.

Also these updatable objects of the same class with different ids on the same pu cannot be read back within a short period.

Here is a timeline for such event:

14:31:14,276 Read 7 Instances 
14:31:14,326 Read 6 Instances 
14:31:23,081 Read 5 Instances 
14:31:31,054 Read 4 Instances 
14:31:31,203 Read 3 Instances 
14:31:31,254 Read 2 Instances 
14:32:00,811 Read 1 Instances 
14:32:01,111 Read 0 Instances

Is this a know issue in xap 12.2, If so has this been resolved in any of the versions?

Seems like removing the @SpaceClass(fifo=true) and reading with ReadModifier.NONE solves this issue.

Please let me know if any more details are needed.

And is this a know issue?