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Confused with clustering space and SLA

I have 2 computers in cluster - on each of them I have 2 GSC. I need to deploy my web application with space to cluster.

I little bit confused, but don't understand - how it works. When I wrote "<os-sla:sla cluster-schema="partitioned-sync2backup" number-of-instances="2" number-of-backups="1" max-instances-per-vm="1">" - this configuration is deployed my application to the cluster with backups or spaces? As I understand - for deploying spaces I need to wrote next lines - "<os-core:space id="space" url="/./mySpace?total_members=2&amp;id=1"/>". But how it all works? My web application deployed on first machine to the first and second GSC or only first? And where deployed spaces - on the first or second machine and? Sorry for noob question, but I'm in the dead end. And small question - is Gigaspaces have any way to write some objects to spaces in cluster after deploying(not from external data source, just simple java code) or I need to use Spring Cron?